Consider the Impact #135

by Sue Hawkes

Consider the Impact #135

It’s happening. The world of flexibility in the work we do and how we do it is happening. Some companies have embraced it fully and are adjusting to a freelance workforce, partnering, outsourcing, and automating coupled with their full-time workforce.

How do you lead effectively with partners who are not employees? The autocratic way won’t work. What are the new leadership practices you need to succeed? Are you able to lead and connect or is it transactional?

How do you lead effectively across geographies? We have many virtual solutions for meetings, are you effective with them? Do your people have a quiet, professional place in their homes, within the coffee shops they work or inside their co-working space? When they are meeting with clients on your behalf is it professional? Do they represent your brand well? Are they considerate of the message beyond their words they are sending?

How do you create teamwork across disparate partners who are contracted to work for you, but aren’t technically part of your team? Are they an extension of you? Are they focused on you among their many clients? Are you and your company a priority or are they checking the boxes? Is their quality up to your standards?

Our world is constantly changing. Our choices are multiplying. We have many options unbound by prior constraints including geography, age, and experience. When choosing from the buffet table of partners, consider the impact. Not all partners are the same, and the impact to your company will be felt.

Sue HawkesConsider the Impact #135