It’s up to You #137 

by Sue Hawkes

It’s up to You #137 

Two lives well lived. This week we had the pleasure of celebrating my in-laws 55th wedding anniversary. We had the entire family together for a vacation and one of the highlights is their relationship. They are a wonderful, rare couple. They complement each other well, and have grounded, solid values at the center of their relationship and family. They visibly enjoy being with one another and are an extraordinary example of what’s possible in a longterm relationship. While it’s clear they love each other, they truly like one another as well.  

The week had highlights of them laughing, dancing privately to one of their songs– though our daughter was able to catch it on film while the family watched, learning to paddleboard, holding hands and sitting together affectionately. 

They are a great inspiration to us all about how to love, how to stay connected and support one another, how to raise a family and how to grow together over time. In one of the many conversations which happen during family gatherings, my father in law told a story my mother in law said she’d never heard before. In 55 years together, there remain new stories and things to learn, like paddle boarding. In 55 years, you can still seek the moments to connect privately and steal a kiss, a squeeze or a dance.  

Many of us forget to be curious with those who are familiar around us at work or home. We take for granted the nuances and details that make every one of our relationships special. While it’s easy to be on autopilot predicting the behaviors we’ve worked into a routine together, it’s more rewarding to seek the opportunities, be curious about what you don’t know rather than confirming what you do know, and opening possibilities for awakenings, surprises and learning. 

Whether at home or work, relationships are at the center of it all. We call it culture, family, community and a host of other labels; all involve connected relationships. We bring to them what’s possible and expand or contract from there. Will they amount to what we intend? It’s up to you.  

Sue HawkesIt’s up to You #137