Whether You Like it or Not #138

by Sue Hawkes

Whether You Like it or Not #138

I love living in Minnesota. The transitions the seasons provide are something I look forward to. This is a telltale sign you’re a native. Most people, who are not native Minnesotans, only describe winter and the cold. Those of us who are born and raised, know better.

Our summers are phenomenal, though this time of year many of us see the writing on the wall, fall is coming. The splendor of the colors, the smell of bonfires and fireplaces in the air, the lingering warm days diminish into cool nights and crisp mornings. Soon, it will be smells of cinnamon and pumpkin spice transitioning to cozy sweaters and boots.

Winter provides a pristine opportunity for an all-consuming, peaceful stillness when the snow is falling that I’ve experienced in the evenings while out cross-country skiing which calms your soul in a way nothing else does.

And then there’s spring. A time of renewal and energy. All things come alive again and we emerge from our homes to the newness of all things growing.

Really, transitions are always happening, we notice some more than others and patterns help us plan. The transitions frame the constant change we are experiencing with all that is emerging. You can embrace them or criticize them; the choice is yours. The transitions will continue whether you enjoy them or not. The difference will be in how you experience them, in business and in life.

Sue HawkesWhether You Like it or Not #138