Same Thing, Different Day #145

by Sue Hawkes

Same Thing, Different Day #145 

Systems. They are the backbone for consistency, productivity and efficiency.  

EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, is designed to support entrepreneurs in getting what they want from their businesses. It does just that with a simple and elegant grace when you have the discipline and follow through to implement it fully.  

One of my clients who had been self-implementing prior to our work together hired me because they were stuck. They weren’t seeing the results they wanted and needed support in moving through what wasn’t working. 

Our first two sessions proved to make a great difference and catalyze their progress. They were thrilled with the accelerated progress and “loved EOS.” Things changed in our next sessions; they weren’t as fluid. There were challenges and less cohesion.  

This happens. Especially when we really begin doing the team health work. 

After our fourth session, it was clear some of the members of the leadership team may not have been the “right people in the right seats.” The frustration during the session was palpable. The Visionary knew what needed to happen and knew the members of the team who may need to be relocated in the company or be managed out. He wasn’t willing to make the necessary changes. They were all friends and had built this great business together. He wanted the results but wouldn’t do the difficult part. 

This isn’t unusual. It’s challenging to do what’s right for the greater good when relationships are intertwined. Leadership is about doing the right thing, even when it’s hard. 

During a crucial conversation, it was a make or break moment, he turned to me and said, “EOS doesn’t work, we’re stuck again.”  

I replied, “the system can’t change what you’re unwilling to do.”  

Sue HawkesSame Thing, Different Day #145