Stay on the Bus #148 

by Sue Hawkes

Stay on the Bus #148 

Have you ever struggled with a situation over days or weeks, which seems unresolvable with the people participatingMe too and it stinks. When other people won’t participate in the solution, it’s painful and leaves you with a void; a glaring incompletion. 

You can’t reach a resolution in isolation. You arrive at pauses; like bus stops where you are waiting, yet no bus appears to help you reach your destination. 

Your brain relaxes over time, unable to sustain its attention on the situation constantly, so it becomes an infrequent irritant lessening in sharpness, but still nagging. 

Enter my coach, partner, friend, and willing wise objective observerher name is MahtabShe’s a dear friend who imparts great wisdom. Her perspective is one I trust. She’s grounded and thoughtful and willing to hang in there with the ruminating dialogue it takes to come to a clearing. 

As we talked recently, she casually offered a suggestion to my complex situation. It was brilliant and would afford me completion regardless of the circumstances or the other participants. It was a solution which allowed me to get off the never-ending bus ride leading nowhere.  

The beauty of having a partner who will patiently sit with you over time often in many conversations, not rushing to an answer, is that in time, the solution emerges; it’s not forced.  

In our busy world, we often become resigned, believing nothing can be done, allowing the incompletions in our relationships to consume our peace. Over time, these incompletions erode trust and may end the relationship.  

Though your bus ride may not be as direct, it’s worth the trip if you take the time. Stay on the bus until you arrive at your destination. It’s worth it. 


Sue HawkesStay on the Bus #148