15% to Goal Lessons #150 

by Sue Hawkes

15% to Goal Lessons #150

This series of 50 blog posts has been interesting as well. For those new to this, I’m on a journey to 1,000 posts writing 5 blogs/week Monday through Friday, with none missed over the four years it will take to complete this mission.

Here are my lessons this series:

  1. It’s been more fits and starts or binge and purge this round.
  2. I’ve been challenged by making things more complex in my mind, coming back to simplicity now.
  3. I wrote a few series pieces that took several days to distill. I don’t know if I liked that.
  4. I am committed to keeping these shorter, the feedback from you is that you enjoy the quick lessons, ideas and challenges more and I enjoy writing them.
  5. Metaphors and stories work best.
  6. I don’t always have something to write, but when I’m present something always shows up.
  7. With goals that require discipline, it’s easy to quit, that’s why most people do.
  8. Relying on others to understand the importance of keeping your word about a goal like this is challenging. They don’t always attribute the same importance to keeping your word as you do.
  9. Keeping my word on a long-term, made-up goal like this is good for my character.
  10. I’m grateful to everyone who comments, shares this with friends and tells me it matters. It lets me know it’s not futile, reduces my own doubt and brings affirmation when I most need it.

Thanks for playing along, it seems significant and fulfilling today to have come this far. Here’s to the next 50 blogs, one day at a time!

Sue Hawkes15% to Goal Lessons #150