Less is More #198

by Sue Hawkes

Less is More #198

Often, when working with clients I tell them “less is more” or “do less better.” These two phrases are the bane of most entrepreneurs’ existence. We have an internal drive to do more sooner, often at the expense of doing more focused work on the “right” priorities.

One team (representative of many teams) recently had a leadership team member quit during our session. It took us 3 hours of our session to get to the root cause of the issue. It was the team member who quit. Though many things on the issues list were related to that person’s job, when we slowed down, asked questions and got to the heart of it, they weren’t happy.

It’s not an easy thing to work through with a team of people who care and have been together for a long time. Many emotions and tears were shared, but in the end, we gracefully worked through the tough stuff.

Fast forward two weeks, the team member has moved on, the existing team is better and has a new hire in line who will take them to new places with excitement and expertise the former member didn’t have. In the scope of what happened, less was more. In fact, the team grew and so will the company. It will be a benefit for all. The simple truth? They did addition by subtraction.

Sue HawkesLess is More #198