Nothing is Static #200

by Sue Hawkes

Nothing Is Static #200

Change management—it’s a topic that comes up all the time with my clients. When they talk about it, I’m always curious to ask, “what do you mean by change management?”

Most often, they talk about: the pace of change; the rate at which their team needs to learn to adapt to all that’s happening in the business; the new processes and systems; or the changes in the marketplace or in their industry.

Mainly, they seem challenged by the staff and their reaction to change.

Isn’t it all change management? Isn’t that what we call life?

The things we’re planning for today rarely play out how we planned them. So why are we surprised, disappointed, frustrated or anything else when things don’t happen as we’d imagined?

People only react to the changes they’re not prepared for, and it’s all always changing. All of it. Including you and the people you know. Nothing is static.

We can find peace knowing it’s all change management.

Sue HawkesNothing is Static #200