Today, I’ll Start With Gratitude (Part 2) #204

by Sue Hawkes

Today, I’ll Start With Gratitude (Part 2) #204

When I think of the holidays, I like to imagine that the experience I am having today is a possibility for all. It’s simple really – Thanks + Giving. What can you be truly thankful for? Not just quickly thanking someone with a passing platitude but the depth of gratitude that erases all doubt, fear, and concern. My wish for you is for this kind of experience, similar to the one I had this morning. Not for just a holiday, any day; in fact, EVERY day.

As I linger in this, my eyes wander to one of my favorite quotes on our office wall. It is from Christine Chen at Kilop USA: “In Chinese, the word ‘business’ is defined as ‘help each other make a meaningful living.” This isn’t some “Hallmark card” view of the business. Rather, it begs the essential question of ‘how do I help others make their living meaningfully?’

Meaning is what each of us creates every day, based on how we interpret the world. I think for today, I’ll start with gratitude. I will allow myself to appreciate the depth of connection that can only awaken when you quiet the constant mind chatter enough to connect to a greater aspect of yourself and the world. In an instant, the world transforms, people transform, life transforms and we are present to all that is possible. Perhaps this is all there is.

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy holidays and with gratitude, know that you are deeply appreciated by me and all of us at YESS!

Sue HawkesToday, I’ll Start With Gratitude (Part 2) #204