Slam Your Stress Away #206

by Sue Hawkes

Slam Your Stress Away #206

How do you manage stress? You know—the kind you feel physically. For me, it’s in my shoulders and neck and there’s no relief until I do something about it.

With the holidays upon us, for many people, this alone can be fodder for tension moment to moment.

The mental part of the challenge is easier for me; I have the coaching skills to work my mindset over and change the interpretation of what’s happening and have practiced for years. The physical manifestation of stress is another thing entirely. For me, I’ve learned to find ways to work the tension out of my body. I’ve found several things help – here are a few:

  1. Dance – if you’re dancing, it’s hard to be tense and crabby
  2. Get a massage – let someone else work out the knots
  3. Go for a walk – nature does her magic and your body moves through things
  4. Get away from your computer – nothing increases the pinch between your shoulders and neck more than sitting at a screen grinding through things.
  5. Ball slams – my FAVORITE! I can think all the angry thoughts I want, but after 3 rounds of ball slams, I am over myself and my stories – and my body has released the tension. Take a look and give it a try – AND, if you want to take your health to another level while burning stress, contact Max Lipset at

Denying that stress happens is a sure path to pain. Managing the challenges that come with a full life mentally and physically is a game-changer. Give yourself the gift of slamming the stress away and enjoying the holidays and every day!

Sue HawkesSlam Your Stress Away #206