20% to Goal #207

by Sue Hawkes

20% to Goal #207

Today, it occurred to me that I blew it. I’ve been giving my lessons from blogging daily every 50 blogs and I blew by #200 without a thought. So, my recap is today with #207 instead. Thank you for your grace if you’re playing along.

What I’m learning with this daily discipline 200 blogs in:

  1. It’s not easy to think of things to write every day.
  2. Some days are filled with opportunities and ideas; others a blank page. The difference is with how I am observing life, not life itself.
  3. When my support system isn’t strong, neither am I. Blogging on days when it feels like I’m challenged to keep up seems like a chore or an afterthought. This is familiar to other experiences in my life and worth pausing to reflect upon.
  4. I am becoming a better writer as I do more. Paying attention to what works is done with more discernment than in the beginning.
  5. I’m proud of my progress. It’s not always easy to do something daily and keep your word. Most people quit or find workarounds. I challenge myself not to do that and I am proud when I keep my word while doing things that don’t come naturally. I know this is unusual and the reason many don’t succeed; they let their reasons win over their results. I’m glad I’ve persevered and believe I’m better for it.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned as I evolve, learn, and grow. And if you’re playing along, please comment, share and like the posts – it keeps me going as it can be lonely as I make progress.

Sue Hawkes20% to Goal #207