Where Life Expands #216

by Sue Hawkes

Where Life Expands #216

There’s a great quote stating, “what you think of me is none of my business.” I believe it comes from a book by Terry Cole-Whittaker from the 1980s. It’s one I’ve come to love for many reasons; the main point being the peace, freedom, and joy that follows once applied literally.

I was at a concert last week and was so filled with passion, I stood to dance. Only a few people in the crowd of thousands were doing so at the time. I was on the aisle to the far right of the stage, so I wasn’t blocking anyone’s view or disrupting those behind me – at least not directly.

It was a blast. My husband even joined in and we didn’t care. At the intermission, one of our kids told us a woman nearby was considering leaving because she didn’t like it when people stood at concerts.

After the intermission, most of the crowd was dancing. The energy rose and we were all swept up in the momentum and spirit of the event.

Had I been concerned with the opinions of others; I’d have sat most of the evening until the very end. I didn’t do that. In fact, I danced quite a lot and it was a blast. It’s highly likely to happen again as well.

What you sacrifice for the sake of others’ opinions (or your made-up assumptions of their opinions) isn’t worth it. Life expands on the other side of our judgments. Try it.

Sue HawkesWhere Life Expands #216