Counting My Blessings #223

by Sue Hawkes

Counting My Blessings #223

For those celebrating Christmas and those who are not, many appreciate this time of year for religious celebrations, reflections of year-end, and a time of gratitude.

As I appreciate those in my life, the blessing of time off before we launch into 2020, time with friends, incredible business greats, the health of those I love, the stillness and beauty of winter in Minnesota and the anticipation of exciting opportunities in 2020, know you are among my blessings.

It is challenging to convey the overwhelming amount of gratitude I feel when the most touching note, comment, or email arrives from one of you. Though a blog is a mass communication effort, it is also a massive love note when written from the heart.

I am grateful for you as you read this, follow along and support my journey. Thank you sincerely for playing along on this ride. May you enjoy the blessings of love, health, and peace as 2019 completes and 2020 rises.

Sue HawkesCounting My Blessings #223