Making Space For What’s Possible #232

by Sue Hawkes

Making Space For What’s Possible #232

I recently stumbled upon a great list of what Letting go means (and doesn’t mean). Here it is:

                                     Letting go

Does NOT mean:                       Does mean:

I don’t care                                       I am tired

I have given up                               Acceptance

I am mean                                       Releasing expectation

I have no regrets                            Untangling from unhealthy

I don’t think about it                    Persons + behaviors

I know what is next                      Welcoming a new way

I forget                                            Trusting the process

I have the answers                        Desiring peace

I am okay                                        Working to forgive

I am not scared                             Beginning again

What will you let go of to make space for what’s possible? Without creating space, you have no space to create.

Sue HawkesMaking Space For What’s Possible #232