Weigh in and Buy In #245

by Sue Hawkes

Commitment. Your 100% commitment only happens when you weigh in, discuss, debate and challenge ideas, issues and opportunities in an unfiltered way. If you withhold, even a little; should you choose to “pick your battles” or conserve your energy for a better time, you can’t be in 100%.

One of the best results from healthy discussion and debate is when every member of a team fully weighs in, they fully buy-in. Without the challenges and conflict, you can’t get to the best possible outcome or the truth.

One sure sign of a missed opportunity, lack of commitment and certainly avoidance of healthy debate is when there is a meeting after the meeting. When two or more people connect “post” meeting to discuss the “real” issues or their true thoughts and feelings on the matter, it’s a guarantee they aren’t being transparent or fully disclosing their position.

You can’t succeed when this is happening. You can’t.

The best thing you can do is to encourage yourself or the person corralling you for the meeting after the meeting to regroup and come clean. Without that happening, the best we can do is second place. Usually, it’s worse than that.


Sue HawkesWeigh in and Buy In #245