The Future Begins Now #254

by Sue Hawkes

Dan Sullivan is a great teacher. He offers a ton to entrepreneurial, lifelong learners and one of his most powerful questions is the R-Factor question (R stands for relationship – in this case, it’s helping you establish a relationship with a bigger future). Here’s the question: “if we were sitting here three years from today, looking back on today, what would have to have happened in that time for you to feel happy with your progress?”

It’s a great question. A “chewy” question as I like to say, because it puts you in a state of imagination and intention. My encouragement for you today is to take 30-60 minutes and ponder this question, then write in an unedited way amidst your pondering. See what happens. The path unfolds and the future begins now.

Sue HawkesThe Future Begins Now #254