Game Changers #256

by Sue Hawkes

Recently, I watched the movie “Game Changers” and it made quite an impact on me (and my husband Kevin). It’s worth the watch, and more importantly, caused me to change my thinking and actions.

I have been into a healthy lifestyle most of my life, I like being active, eating well and consistently working to improve my overall health and wellness. I seek ways to continue to improve which almost always find me as I’m meandering through my life. My client and friend, David Larson was the conduit for the movie and I’m forever grateful to him for this next step.

While I’ve removed processed sugar (5 years ago), monitored health with friends through the Whole Life Challenge, worked out consistently 2-5 times per week and continue to work to walk at least 30 minutes each day, increased my sleep and continue to work on this, drink 64 ounces of water daily, journal and meditate daily, there’s still room to grow. Each of these practices has taken time to work into a habit, one at a time. Some have been easier than others.

It’s now time to move my diet to being a vegetarian. It’s not a great leap for me, and after seeing Game Changers, it made so much sense; Kevin agreed. We’re starting there, may move to Vegan/plant based fully, but will assess along the way. I welcome suggestions from those already on this journey, it’s new for me and I need some help. Thanks in advance!

Sue HawkesGame Changers #256