Thank You Bruce Lee #257

by Sue Hawkes

Bruce Lee is an iconic master who sets the bar high for those interested.

His four secrets to mastery:

1. Research your own experience.
2. Absorb what is useful.
3. Reject what is useless.
4. Add what is specifically your own.

This is sage advice for those of us pursuing our own path to mastery. For me, this supports the learning I absorb and is helping me stay true to what I mean by being Unf❤️<kwithable.

My research has been a combination of life experiences, books, workshops, human interactions, observations and intuition. Just like yours.

What I absorb has been the relevant parts and pieces I’m “ready” for at the time I’m reflecting or immersed in them.

What I’ve rejected has come with great thought, sometimes philosophies, dogmas, people, events, opportunities and ideas. I’m learning to say “no” much better with age, and it’s worthwhile.

What I’ve added is joy filled, forwarding, aligned and meaningful. I have much less time for what doesn’t resonate for me any longer. Life is too short, and I want to make it count.

Bruce Lee’s words and recipe resonate for me, how about you?

Sue HawkesThank You Bruce Lee #257