Predictability Interrupted #265

by Sue Hawkes

Old habits die hard.

No matter how many opportunities I have to recognize the patterns which inform my behaviors, I am continuously surprised how it confronts my thinking when a pattern is interrupted. Today, all of the parking spaces I “usually” park in were full.

When I realized I was driving around our relatively small parking lot to see what else was available, it occurred to me I was doing so in the hopes one of “my” spots would avail itself. This was all subconscious. When I realized there were plenty of open spots, just not the ones I typically parked in, I had to laugh at my behavior.

When I returned midday, I didn’t remember where I had parked and took a tour looking for my car (remember, this is a small lot…duh). As I drove away I wondered where else in my life have I settled in? Where have I not questioned what else is available? Didn’t see what else is possible, didn’t open myself up to new experiences? Where have I counted on the predictable instead of being fully present?

I know it was only a parking space, yet when you’re ready, the lessons hit you like a 2×4!

How about you? Where are you stuck with the predictable?

Sue HawkesPredictability Interrupted #265