Pay Attention #271

by Sue Hawkes

Your psyche will tell you what fits.

Part gut, part intellect, and part experience, these things inform our bodies what to feel. When I’m prepping for speaking, a workshop or session, I’m happy to work long hours. I look forward to creating value, and the work strangely doesn’t feel like work.

Shorten that presentation to 10 minutes for a room full (350+) of event planners and it’s misery. It feels like work; it’s challenging. My brain seems to lock up, and the task to offer value in such a short window feels impossible.

Once the decision was made that it felt nearly impossible, that’s what it became. Yet, I was able to meet the challenge. What’s the difference? My experience. As a successful female entrepreneur, I’m clear in saying I’ll never do another 10-minute presentation (unless there’s a significant “why” along with it).

Each experience informs me about how I spend my time and where the value is. Pay attention, life is short.

Sue HawkesPay Attention #271