Exhilaration or Fatigue? #272

by Sue Hawkes

I’ve long said, “success can be a learning disability.”

Why? Because for leaders, the curse of complacency can set in. You’ve worked hard and fought your way to the win. You’ve challenged yourself and your team to reach success, the goal has been met and now you are tired. This happens when your team and work/life balance are not structured properly. When you feel like you’ve reached some level of success you start to coast.

Only business and life don’t work like that. There isn’t a final point of success, just the next goal to reach.

Reaching an outcome you’ve worked for certainly should be a reason to recognize and celebrate, however, it’s not a stopping point. With the right structure and a strong leadership team, you won’t be tired (or if you are, it’s not exhaustive), rather you’ll be exhilarated.

If the exhilaration is missing, look within your team. Do you have a leadership team or do you have a team of helpers? Helpers won’t pave the way with you, they will help you pave the way. It’s not a bad thing, it sure is tiring though.

Sue HawkesExhilaration or Fatigue? #272