No Sidebars Please #278

by Sue Hawkes

In a group setting, how do you feel when someone is having a sidebar conversation with another person as you or someone else is talking to the group?

It doesn’t feel good. It’s annoying, irritating, disrespectful, distracting, rude, and selfish. For the most part, we don’t think it’s a big deal when we’re the ones doing it; however, it is a big deal for those who have to work harder to listen to the main speaker.

I’m guilty of doing it and have also been irritated when it’s happening – especially if I care deeply about the speaker or topic.

When our world is moving as fast as it is, focus is a premium commodity. When you attend a gathering with others, pay attention or move along. It will work better for everyone.

Sue HawkesNo Sidebars Please #278