10 Tips to Remain Healthy During Turbulent Times #282

by Sue Hawkes

We’re facing chaotic times and are in uncharted territory. How will you create calm during chaos? As a leader, what helps you stay present, healthy, and nimble as things are changing by the moment?

Here are some practices to help you more effectively stay healthy in mind, body, and spirit as we navigate the challenges ahead:

  • Listen and reframe what’s possible. Think of the good happening everywhere.
  • Focus on what you CAN do, not what you CAN’T. It keeps you moving forward.
  • Ask how you can help and do so. Even better, do so and don’t wait to be asked.
  • Listen for opportunities. Amidst every challenge, opportunities abound. Seek them.
  • Celebrate all the wins, every bit of forward movement is all progress.
  • Focus on gratitude. If there’s ever a time to be grateful, it is now. Fear and gratitude can’t coexist at the same time.
  • Be active. When you’re in action, things progress. It’s forward progress, no matter how small it seems.
  • Be informed. Focus on what’s coming from the CDC and WHO. Limit your other media exposure.
  • Call people you haven’t spoken with for some time. This affirms we are not isolated. Connect!
  • Don’t panic. We will get through this together.

Please join us Tuesday, 3/17 at 12/noon CST for a Community Call to Action: Crucial Conversations to Navigate Turbulent Times. Here you will be able to ask questions, get support, and experience community during social distancing.

Sue Hawkes10 Tips to Remain Healthy During Turbulent Times #282