5 Reminders To Sustain You #299 

by Sue Hawkes

In talking with many groups through Zoom where I’ve been offering help, asking key questions, and finding opportunities within the challenges these changing times offer, there are a few easy answers. 

All roads lead back to how you’re thinking about and approaching this constantly changing landscape. Here are some practices to help you move more quickly into your next right action: 

  1. Surround yourself with the people who share the mindset you intend to sustain. COVID-19 is a marathon, not a sprint. We all need to recognize the grief, fatigue, and emotions that come and go in waves. Like all things, it’s easier to succeed when those around you are pursuing the same level of passion, structure and excellence. 
  2. This is a time to give. Those who miss the opportunity to help others, learn and master the digital landscape, and make bold moves, will be left behind. If you’re feeling a need, give it. If you have a skill, make a video to teach and share it. Be generous, it will come back to you and then some. 
  3. Take care of yourself. This is a time to “get it right, “whatever that means to you. For some, it’s a complete reset (see blog #294). For others, it may be a time to think through how to structure your days, your health, and your time alone (which you may need more than ever if staying home with your entire family). 
  4. Follow the rules. Remember, this is not an exercise to punish or deprive anyone. I’m as much a rule breaker as the next entrepreneur but staying home will save lives; likely of people you’ll never meet. It’s not cute or clever to be out if you’ve been exposed. You touch door handles, breath air, and being outside does not make it automatically okay. Please, for the sake of others, it’s a short time, stay home…ESPECIALLY if you’ve been exposed. 
  5. Thank someone often. So many people are chipping in to work and keep our world going right now. Please, ensure you’re sharing gratitude with those who help, lift you up, feed you, tolerate your moods, educate you, entertain you, keep our spaces clean and safe, take care of people, keep the lights on, keep your job and/or make you smile.  
Sue Hawkes5 Reminders To Sustain You #299