There Is No Roadmap #303

by Sue Hawkes

This is a marathon, not a sprint. Oh, and there’s no playbook for anyone.

Learning to trust your gut along with your common sense and expertise is a challenge for any leader in normal circumstances. Add in COVID-19 and you know it’s a mixed bag of emotion, fatigue, exhilaration and exhaustion day by day.

In recent blogs, I’ve talked about the fatigue being real (# 291) and this timeframe being an opportunity to reset (# 294). While that’s true, the “new normal” everyone is referencing, coupled with the incredible number of daily changes, is taxing the most adaptable of us.

While it’s tempting to check out and desire to do less, those who settle will be left behind. Certainly we all need to evaluate what’s working and not working for our daily routines. For example, learn how to shut off work and establish boundaries while remaining in place, or find ways to let our critical thinking brain relax and let our creative brain take over.

Each of us needs to pay attention to our self-care differently, ensuring we are evaluating our energy, mood and productivity given each day’s challenges. It’s not a time to relax, it’s a time to become a keen observer of yourself, learning what rejuvenates you moment by moment. Your training program has begun, and there is no roadmap.

Remaining present may be your best way to adapt.

Sue HawkesThere Is No Roadmap #303