An Infinite Menu #309 

by Sue Hawkes

Don’t hurry. There’s goodness happening.

You don’t see it? Keep looking.  

Take your time.  

What’s emerging? If you could experience what’s happening as a metamorphosis rather than something ending, how would you see it differently? 

What is good about what’s happening?  

What are you learning?

What will you keep forever in your new reality? 

What will you never return to? 

What if this was a great reset, a space for you to emerge as you intended, by design? 

What will you do with this blank canvas in front of you?  

Don’t let yourself rush back to what wasslow down and see what’s being offered. 

Like savoring a good meal, allow yourself to slow down and appreciate everything at the table. Only go back for seconds if it’s worth it. There’s an infinite menu available if you decide to taste it. 

Sue HawkesAn Infinite Menu #309