Pause Long Enough #310 

by Sue Hawkes

Have you stepped back to assess all that you’ve accomplished during this crisis? If not, take a minute and write it down for yourself. Share with your team and your family all you’ve done since the crisis impacted you.  

It’s pretty amazing when you think of all you’ve responded to, all you’ve solved, fought for, rearranged, restructured, created and completed, isn’t it?  

While you’re busy worrying about all that’s happening now and what could happen in the future, please remember to pause long enough to appreciate all you’ve done. 

During crisis, everything seems to happen with a highlighter or an amplifier on it, while the clock is ticking to learn more, change things, and work differently.  

Some things will never return to the way they were, and that is to be celebrated.  

Congratulations! You’re making it happen. It’s imperfect, and it’s amazing.  

Remember to pause and appreciate all you have done. It’s incredible.  

Sue HawkesPause Long Enough #310