No New Normal #312 

by Sue Hawkes

don’t like the phrase “new normal.” As I’ve talked with people and listened to thoughts about what it means, it sounds like people are seeking some level of certainty amidst all the uncertainty of our world right now. 

By believing there will be some new homeostasis of “normal” (as if there was a normal prior), it gives people comfort about the future.  

For me, we didn’t have an “old normal” and we won’t have a “new normal.” We only have our interpretation of what’s happening and the blend of logic and emotion we bring to it.  

As I ramble through my weekend, I am energized by the fact that I am able to run a business, adapt to a changing set of circumstances with HOW we deliver our services, HOW I work from home with others in the house doing the same, that I can do yardwork, witness nature emerging in Spring, appreciate small wins, cook new foods, take care of my body as I’ve always wanted to, cut hair (I successfully – according to both my husband and son – did so), transform my business, and support my household and my business through immense change.  

This is to be celebrated. For those of us living and learning at this incredible time in history, we can be proud we are navigating and learning through it. Today, I feel like I can do whatever I need to and thrive as a result. My commitment is carrying me beyond any limitation presented and that is glorious. And this feeling is fleeting. Tomorrow I may be challenged beyond my capacity and struggling with reality. This is what it means to lead: regardless of what I am feeling, I know the experience I am having is fleeting, whether I like it or not. There is no “new normal,” it’s not a destination, it’s an illusion. 

Sue HawkesNo New Normal #312