How About You? #315 

by Sue Hawkes

This week, it seems reality and fatigue are catching up.  

The long-term nature of this marathon caused by COVID-19 has offered opportunities and challenges for everyone. No one is participating part time. 

As a leader, you may be doing everything right and taking care of yourself and others; and you may still be tired. 

I’ve worked out every day since March 10th, ensuring I’m making myself and my health a priority as I double down on communication with family, friends and clients. I’ve felt busier in many ways than prior to the pandemic.  

While I’ve adjusted to zoom meetings and working remotely, and I may never travel for work as I was doing prior to this, I find I’m fatigued in a different way.  

So today, I need a break. Along with many others, it’s time to leave the screen and the hustle of virtual business to let my eyes and my mind rest. It’s time to do less and get outside. I am ready for a Clarity Break.   

In order to keep up, maintain my confidence and be resilient, I need to pause and recharge.  

How about you? 

Sue HawkesHow About You? #315