Clarity Over Certainty #319 

by Sue Hawkes

“Be exceedingly human.” This quote from Patrick Lencioni perfectly encapsulates how to lead during this time in history. 

  • It’s more important to be clear than certain. No one has been through this and no one has the road map. How can you narrow your focus and stay true to your core business? Why do you  exist as an organization? Who are you? When you’re clear on these things, which NEVER change, you’ll know what to say no to. 
  • What is most important right now? Can you see 3-12 months out and articulate what is most important – ONE thing, not many. Keep it simple and clear. 
  • Who must do what? Accountability is paramount. Let’s get clear and work as one, focused and correcting when we’re off track. 
  • As a leader, you must be exceedingly human. We’re virtually in each other’s homes and challenged with global, economic, personal and professional challenges. It’s not going away any time soon. How can you share your vulnerability, connect with your people more sincerely, and authentically lead with clarity? Faking confidence and false hope are overrated. Being real, stating the facts and connecting with others is where you begin. It’s time to let people in and offer up your humanity. 
  • Communicate. A LOT. If you’re not repeating yourself often, you’re missing the point. We all need to hear things seven times to hear it the first time during good times. Think of what needs to happen when people are stressed. Simple, repeated, clear messages will get you there. 
Sue Hawkes Clarity Over Certainty #319