Giving Is Contagious #324

by Sue Hawkes

Support. You don’t always know you need it until people remind you. I am struck today by the authentic support I am surrounded by and appreciating the people who offer it consistently over time. Many people say supportive things, they’ve learned the right words. Others, they live the words and change the world. To the latter group, I am profoundly grateful and very present to you and your integrity.

In my pandemic filtered world, I’m present to the people who consistently show up. The people who do things because it’s a representation of who they are, not for special occasions, not because they “have” to, not for optics or family ties, they do it because they care. The uplift you, support you, exaggerate your success and bolster you every time you are together – whether on Zoom or otherwise.

It’s interesting to notice while zooming around the world these days, how it’s becoming easy to sort those people out in your life. It doesn’t diminish those who show up for holidays, events and things you organize. This is good as well, it’s just not generative. It’s dependent on you to create the event for them to show up and they do. When you organize what’s happening, they will be there.

Thank you to a long list of people who always make me better. Today, I’m present to all of you and the incredible gift you are to me. Thank you for all you so generously give to me and so many others. Authentic abundance is contagious (don’t take that the wrong way right now) 😊.

Are you waiting for others to support you? If so, try offering what you are looking for. It will return in abundance! Thank you to so many of you who support me every day I question whether what I’m doing matters or not. I’ve decided it does – thanks to YOU!

Sue HawkesGiving Is Contagious #324