12 Questions You Need To Be Asking Right Now #330 (as a leader)

by Sue Hawkes

If you’re not riding the myriad of emotions offered by Spring of 2020, you are the exception; be grateful. For most of us, we are responding and reacting to daily changes at different paces and measures depending on industry, geography, family circumstances, preparedness at home and with your business, financial security, and overall health. This list of questions is to be paired with yesterday’s questions (blog #329) if you own or run a business. 

As a leader, what kinds of questions should you be asking right now to ensure you are thinking beyond the rapidly changing daily landscape to be as strategic as possible, while charting unknown territory?  Here are several I’ve compiled while leading global groups over the past several months. Please use and share if they are helpful: 

  1. How far into the future can you see? 
  2. In what ways do you plan to invest in/redesign your personal life? 
  3. What are you doing to take care of yourself to lead clearly, calmly, consistently, and effectively? 
  4. How are you doing personally and professionally? 
  5. What practices do you have that support you in being your best self? 
    1. Are you doing them enough?  
    2. What supports you the most/least? 
  6. What are you doing to manage your energy and mood? 
  7. Where are you finding joy? Inspiration? Hope? Strength? 
  8. How are you supporting your self/team/family? 
  9. What will you eliminate? 
  10. What will you keep/continue? 
  11. In what ways are you transforming, changing and innovating? Blank canvas, what would you do if you were starting over right now?  
  12. Three years from now, looking back, what would we need to do so that in 3 years we can say this current crisis was one of the best things that happened to us? 
Sue Hawkes12 Questions You Need To Be Asking Right Now #330 (as a leader)