Creating A New Habit #332

by Sue Hawkes

Rainy weather is synonymous with Memorial weekend in Minnesota. And this year had its soggy moments. 

What I love about rain is that it inspires me to work. I truly enjoy nestling in when it’s rainy and creating. It frees me to stay focused, and when I’m not distracted by the many things calling me to be outside, I’m vigilant, productive and zeroed in on what matters. 

My work can be for my vocation or it can be for my family, improvements to our house, cooking or a number of other things. What I find is my focus is most often about being productive – especially when the weather is less than desirable. 

We had enough sunshine to lure us outside and we paddle boarded and enjoyed our pontoon all three days of the holiday weekend. Remembering to break my habitual behavior to keep working once the sun emerges to enjoy the weather, my family, taking care of myself and my health and enjoying the serenity that accompanies these activities is unnatural when I’m on a productivity roll.  

Breaking a habit is simple, it is never easy. Realizing it is a habit is the first step. Being aware and interrupting myself during that behavior is the next step. Altering my behavior to a new chosen response is the next step. Asking myself “when I look back at today, what do I want remember?” has proven to be a good question to ponder. 

It was great to enjoy a break based on the sun’s arrival each of the three days. Perhaps with practice, I can make it a new habit.  

Sue HawkesCreating A New Habit #332