HopeFULL And Hope Filled #337

by Sue Hawkes

HopeFULL and hope filled. These are two words I’d use after spending the better part of the day in Minneapolis to do clean up post rioting. 

The news makes Minneapolis look like a war zone.  

Make no mistake about it, we’re not in the clear, and it’s not a pretty sight.  

However, when you spend a day with people intending to make things better, and when you face the reality of the situation with people who without fail enjoy their time together while unifying around what community really means, you leave better than you began your day. 

It will be a long road to rebuild. We will do it. 

It will take time to build trust between people. We will do it. 

We will not stop until there is justice. It must happen NOW. 

They can destroy our buildings, but they cannot destroy our community.  

Minneapolis will rise to affect change. It’s a turning point we’re ready for. 

We have work to do. It begins with me. 

It begins with us. #speakup #georgefloyd #justiceforgeorge 

Sue HawkesHopeFULL And Hope Filled #337