It’s Certainly Not New #338

by Sue Hawkes

It is hard to assimilate all that is happening around us. Unless your ability to compartmentalize is superhuman, “business as usual” sounds like a foreign concept. 

How do we reconcile this?  

How do we learn? 

How do we make it better? 

When we were walking through the remnants of our beautiful city yesterday, a police car was stopped at an intersection we were passing. As I looked at the officers in the car, I stopped my privileged self from reflexively saying “thank you” – as I’ve done so many times when acknowledging the military or police and their service. My habitual response was immediately replaced by a concern wondering, “how do I know if these cops are a part of the problem?”. I said nothing and was struck by how sick I felt. The moment stuck with me and permeated my privilege. I’ve never had to think this way. 

To live the past week in fear of riots threatening the safety of our family, friends, businesses and city, coupled with daily concern over why justice isn’t being served with the overwhelming evidence and pressure; it’s wrong, plain and simple. So why isn’t anything happening? 

This is challenging and it’s new for me. It’s certainly not new for any person of color.  

I have work to do. We have work to do. #speakup #justiceforgeorge  

Sue HawkesIt’s Certainly Not New #338