Breaking In New Boots #346

by Sue Hawkes

Studying is challenging. As I work to learn everything I can about racism, I find I am disrupted in my security and my comfort and it’s a good thing. 

Disruption is uncomfortable. Disruption is unpopular at times. Disruption is a space of letting go of the known in order to learn and experience the unknown. 

It’s like trying on new boots for your next journey. They may appear more attractive, also more effective, but they don’t fit like the pair you’ve been wearing your entire life. They’re not worn in or comfortable.  

While it’s tempting to revert to the familiar, comfortable and worn in boots you’ve had for most of your life, you must resist the temptation. It’s time for the “right” boots for the journey you’re now embarking upon. We’re going hiking, and this time we need boots built for endurance, rough terrain and various weather conditions.  

It won’t be an easy journey, and likely will not be comfortable, but it is the only way to break in your new boots. You must embark upon the journey and release what’s been comfortable because it no longer works.  

Sue HawkesBreaking In New Boots #346