Time To Adjust #351

by Sue Hawkes

Back to the basics.  

When things get chaotic and seem to be out of control, disorganized or feeling out of sorts, it’s easy for overwhelm to be the result. 

When this happens, we must rely on structure and process to bring us back to a focused and organized world. 

One step at a time, we must look at our world from a 10,000 foot view and then zero in on the details. We must be able to use both the macro and micro views to inform our actions. Sometimes it requires a surgical approach to return order to our worlds and other times it’s a complete overhaul.  

With the amount of change occurring these days, are you adjusting enough? Are you relying on your systems and processes and adjusting them accordingly? Do you focus on what matters most and what’s within your control? If not, it’s time to adjust – a little or a lot.  

Flexibility is key, and, if you’ve lost sight of shore, you’re off track. Time to adjust.  

Sue HawkesTime To Adjust #351