Resilience Will Follow #355

by Sue Hawkes

Peace is found when your mind is still.

How often do you find peace? Do you make time for it? Do you enjoy the luxury of doing nothing from time to time? If not, it may be overdue.

When I talk with leaders about clarity breaks, most don’t have a regular practice of doing them. (if you don’t know what a clarity break is, check out this video to learn more).

I’m fond of saying you need to create space in order to have the space to create. This is true. Creation takes place when space is available to be filled. It’s the same for kids. Boredom breeds creativity.

Peace is an active space, a place available when you’re 100% right where you are. When you’re present to all your senses and their contribution to this moment in time. It’s the certainty of this moment not being traded for the worry of tomorrow or the fear of yesterday.

2020 has been a challenging year filled with the most challenging of times for most of us. Have you found a way to do nothing, breathe into this moment and realize what is right now?

Find your place and do nothing. Let your mind relax and be right here, right now; resilience will follow.

Sue HawkesResilience Will Follow #355