You Never Know #360

by Sue Hawkes

You never know. 

When I’m doing something to grow and learn, I’ve found making it public gives me the drive to succeed. My need to keep my word to others exceeds my ability to keep my word to myself, so it’s often the reason I push myself to complete what feel like challenges. 

Writing a blog every day has been one of those challenges. As many of you know who are playing along, I do my check in every 50 posts to site my learnings.  

Today, I was touched and gratified to learn my dear friend Lacy Starling is taking the challenge upon herself. She’s beginning to blog daily as well.  

Her kind words of acknowledgement shared in her first post bolstered me as I drove home from the gym. Her validation was gracious, and I appreciated it, and it was truly an incredible boost to know someone was moved into action because of my actions.  

When I am penning these notes, I often wonder if it matters, whether they have impact for anyone or if it’s simply good for my soul to write. I am learning to enjoy writing. Lacy is an accomplished writer and enjoys it already. I’m excited for her and look forward to having a partner in this experience. 

To know one person was inspired to action because of my journey is incredibly gratifying. To have it be someone you love, admire and respect makes it all worth it. Thanks Lacy, and thank you @SethGodin for inspiring us both! 

To follow along with Lacy’s journey, please visit here. 

Sue HawkesYou Never Know #360