Living The Future Backward #361

by Sue Hawkes

Years from now, when 2020 is in hindsight, what should we remember about it? 

A week from now, when the events overwhelm us, what should we remember about the meetings we had? 

Tomorrow, when the day gets busy, what would you like me to remember about you and the discussion we just had? 

When we begin with an end in mind (thank you Stephen Covey), we can design and live our lives into the future we intend. (thank you Merlin). 

If you’re not living the future backward, you won’t maximize the opportunities in front of you. You can’t. You’re not intent on the outcomes you desire, you’re going along with whatever comes our way. 

How can we unite to design an inclusive future where in hindsight, we’re grateful for all 2020 offered us to be better together?  

Sue HawkesLiving The Future Backward #361