We Need To Act Like It #362

by Sue Hawkes

What’s happened to us, the US that is?  

It seems as if “us” (the U.S.) has turned into WE and THEY. I am challenged with how communication is shared on social media, where it seems to be a free for all of opinions and division. It’s challenging to be online and see the barrage of constant commentary tearing down our leaders – which I believe is different than desiring accountability. It has become too personal, which will not create lasting change. 

Lasting change will only occur when we come to the table with requests – and by the way a demand is a form of request.  

When did we lose our ability to sit together discussing difficult topics and work together to reconcile what is not working? It seems we have forgotten how to do that these days. 

I spend my hours working with leaders every day helping them gracefully work through tough stuff. This is table stakes for leaders. We must know how to enter conversations that will be difficult, challenging and perhaps even heated…while not making it personal.  

I don’t care who you do or don’t like in local or national politics; can you lock arms with others having differing views to make our neighborhood, community and world better? This is where we must begin. 

Let’s talk about the issues, concerns and problems, to solve them for good. What if we didn’t attack those who are actively leading – well or poorly – as they need our help to do better when they’re struggling? What if we worked to help these leaders be better; or if you won’t do that, what if you stepped up? It’s easy to sit in the bleachers with your opinion and “thumbs up” from those who would rather comment than actively care, the hard work is on the field. 

No leader will EVER please us all, but perhaps we can disagree and commit. We are the “United” States as far as I know. We need to act like it. 

Sue HawkesWe Need To Act Like It #362