Maybe It’s Okay #363

by Sue Hawkes

Maybe it’s okay.  

Maybe it’s okay to speak up, to be unpopular, to interrupt the patterns, comments and systemic wrongs built into our world.  

Maybe it’s okay to unlearn, to struggle with your own ignorance, to realize your racism and behaviors that harm, hurt or at the very least distance and perpetuate out of silence.  

Maybe it’s okay to feel ashamed, maybe it’s even necessary to feel ashamed once you’re aware of the reality as it’s organized. 

Maybe it’s okay to speak up, to build the practices and behaviors to interrupt it while it’s happening, and gracefully open a space for conversation, learning and correction. 

Maybe it’s okay to miss the opportunity to speak up, paralyzed in the moment, aware with no muscle memory for intervention, to leave the moment regretfully knowing better having done nothing; and to return to open the door and revisit the conversation after gaining perspective and courage to open dialog for reparations.  

Maybe it’s okay to be in process, learning and unlearning, clear about the outcome, unsure of the path, impatient for progress and hungry to affect change…knowing you can rest, but can’t stop.   

Sue HawkesMaybe It’s Okay #363