Don’t Zoom Out #368

by Sue Hawkes

I learn so much in conversation with great leaders. 

@NancyGeenan is one of those leaders. We were having a conversation after a Zoom meeting we were in together for many hours and discovered some things.  

In our virtual worlds, we can look at what’s working or not working. We were talking about the ways in which we are better because of it. 

Though we both acknowledged “Zoom fatigue” is a real thing, what we both also realized is we are better participants. Think about it, in a face-to-face meeting you don’t ever see everyone’s face fully. You only see one or two people straight on.  

What becomes available are many more micro-messages in body language and the finer nuances of facial recognition. Rarely do people have available to them all the information necessary to know whether someone is “with you” or checking out. When they are on video and off mute, you have full attention…or not. I request all my business meetings to have cameras and microphones on for the meeting. It’s always a better meeting this way – even when a pet or family member (co-worker) chimes in. 

If you don’t have practices to support this kind of presence for a day of Zooming (or whatever platform you use), it’s time to begin. Without them, you’ll be “Zoomed out” and miss the great benefits available when you choose to embrace them.  

Virtual meetings are not going away. We must learn to find the goodness and accelerate. 

Sue HawkesDon’t Zoom Out #368