Awake To The World Around You #372

by Sue Hawkes

Don’t be fooled.  

For many people, we are lulled into a false sense of pseudo-normalcy right now. We are relaxed, forgetting the numbers are increasing, going back to what “feels” normal during a year when “normal” ended in March. 

Be mindful, stay focused. Enjoy the summer, but don’t relax away from being vigilant about being safe, thoughtful, kind and awake to the world around you. 

We cannot forget the events of 2020. It feels like it’s been two years long, I know, but stay awake. 

Though tension is high, moods are more prevalent, and people are tired; be kind.  

Rest; don’t stop. We will get through this facing forward and banding together.  

We cannot stay divided or be casual. We must be causal. 

What will move you forward today? 

Sue HawkesAwake To The World Around You #372