Please Pause #373

by Sue Hawkes

Have you ever had to wait through something difficult? Try waiting through your best friend’s brain surgery.  

I find myself torn between being centered, optimistic and hopeful and terrified, irritable, and off kilter. God bless my family for weathering my moods.  

There’s no easy or peaceful way to muscle through this. I’ve found prayer, conversation and focusing on the vast numbers of people praying and supporting her to be my best bets.  

The plethora of unanswerable questions as to why her? Why now? and the like circle my thoughts. 

When I listen to the complaints and challenges from friends and clients or see the various posts on social media, they are minimized by the gravity of her situation. Nothing compares right now. It’s hard to focus. 

My request, if you’ve read this far, is to please pause and pray or send healing thoughts for my dear friend Mahtab today. Pray the surgery is successful, pray for her children, husband and parents who support her unconditionally and pause with whatever is challenging you to support her for just a few minutes.  

I want so badly to erase the fear we face to ensure she has all the love and positive thoughts surrounding her through her surgery and beyond. Please consider this simple act as a bridge from your heart to hers, supporting her as she courageously moves forward.  

Thank you for caring enough to pause for her. 

Sue HawkesPlease Pause #373