Detoxing As A Practice #377

by Sue Hawkes

Detoxing is a great practice. 

At least two times each year, I do a green juice smoothie detox. I’ve done detox’s prior, not always this kind, but have found them to be really beneficial. 

My original reasoning was to interrupt my normal patterns of eating, give my insides a rest, and feel better because of some level of dissatisfaction with my body.  

What I’ve come to realize is how valuable 10 days of only fruits and vegetables is to my mind, body and spirit.  

The clarity I attain, the quality of sleep, the benefits to my skin and gut health are profound. I find myself with greater energy (and I already have a good amount), feeling grounded, centered and focused.  

I also gain time. When I prepare my smoothies in the evening, there’s no prep, thought or effort throughout my day regarding meals or snacks. It frees up my mind for my relationships and work in a powerful way.  

When I begin to add other meals back into my days, I crave healthier foods, and I am more thoughtful about what I choose to eat and drink. Each time, it seems to have a cumulative effect coupled with more lasting changes to my health.  

I started with shorter timespans, and have appreciated the results so much, I’ve extended them and look forward to the results and next opportunity.  

Learning what is working and not from the food you consume is a powerful game changer. Have you tried it?  

Sue HawkesDetoxing As A Practice #377