The Most Important Ingredient for Success in 2020 #378

by Sue Hawkes

Resilience. It’s a term we all need to be familiar with in 2020. It’s the single most important ingredient for succeeding no matter what continues to unfold in this unpredictable year. 

If you have used these descriptors or experienced these feelings in the past several months: anxious, stressed, worried, fearful, low, lonely, overwhelmed, helpless, frustrated, guilty, or angry, it just means you’re normal. 

Here’s your PSA for today. It’s okay to feel discomfort with the year we’re having. Often the fastest way to move through the feeling and restore peace, clarity and calm is to accept where you are. 

If you’re feeling stress and anxiety and need some help, click here to download a free Coronavirus Anxiety workbook to help you find your resilience and feel better today. 

Sue HawkesThe Most Important Ingredient for Success in 2020 #378