International Friendship Day #379

by Sue Hawkes

It’s International Friendship Day. What does that mean? 

In a world where Hallmark manufactures holidays for occasions we’ve never heard of and social media entices us to celebrate because of FOMO, what is friendship to you? 

In a world where distance is critical for the greater good and we long for real connection beyond the superficial, what does friendship mean? 

When you look at your life, are you surrounded with people who you feel honored to know, blessed to be surrounded by, abundant with people you could call at 2am if there was an emergency?  

Does it matter if it is 5 or 500 people who would answer the call, take you in and do the heavy lifting with you? As long as there is one, you are abundant. 

True friendship isn’t defined by thumbs ups or hearts. It’s defined by those who can stand with you during the difficulties, dig in and endure whatever the world offers from greatness and celebration to challenges and devastation.  

Friendship isn’t defined by time or circumstance. It’s a connection felt between two people which transcends time, proximity and circumstance. It’s a tether both people are aware of and can’t always explain. It’s being able to spend time together doing nothing and experiencing significance. It’s knowing your connection transcends time and space, your union and connection remaining eternal. 

Who do you need to connect with today? Reach out. Take the time and check in. Someone is longing to hear from you. You just might make their day. Don’t wait. 

Sue HawkesInternational Friendship Day #379