Don't Get Trapped #381

by Sue Hawkes

It’s easy to get trapped in your thinking.   

We must remember everything is impermanent. Everything. Even our bodies.  

When our thinking begins to change our mood, it’s time for a change. This can happen on many levels, each of which are impermanent. 

  1. Environmentally: Are you stuck in the same patterns and routines? Is it time to introduce something new? Take a new route to work, leave the house if you’re quarantining, find a way to socially distance and engage with people – take a walk, ride bikes, get on a golf course (even or especially if you don’t golf), watch a drive in movie or outside on your deck, the list is endless and you can do it all safely! 
  1. Behaviorally: Reframe what you’re doing. Are your behaviors those which give you energy and resilience or send you spiraling? If they’re not working, switch it up. Turn your thinking 180 degrees. Ask a question that’s exactly opposite what you’re thinking. “This is going to be a rough day…” change it to “what’s the best thing that is happening right now?” 
  1. Capabilities: How else could my day look? How could I approach this differently? How else could I think about this? What could I do to forward the best possible outcome right now? Change your behaviors and your thinking follows. 
  1. Beliefs: Is this thought serving me? How has is served me, how could changing this belief serve me more effectively? Examining beliefs is required as you learn and grow. Sometimes we outgrow them and never question why we’ve not changed our beliefs. 

When you change your thinking, you change your life. Your life is the sum total of your practices.  

If you don’t like what’s happening, it’s time for a change.  

Sue HawkesDon't Get Trapped #381