Unlearning To Learn #382

by Sue Hawkes

Learning. It’s a hot topic with the state of things for school this fall.  

It’s interesting, I’ve been listening in on many conferences and podcasts stating you are either a learner or a non-learner.  

I struggle with that. I believe everyone is both, just not all at the same time or in the same way. 

I think many of us learn differently than others, and many traditional learners are “fixed” on a “right” way to learn. I don’t believe there is such a thing and bristle when people judge other people’s methods.  

I started an antiracism book study shortly after George Floyd’s murder. We had 55 people sign up and begin the study. On average 12-15 people regularly attend.  

I’ve asked different people to lead the weekly meetings. It’s been rich with different approaches, conversations and learning. It’s not a book club, it’s a book study. This means the book is the conduit for learning, not the be all end all. 

We’re building trust and learning a lot. Every week offers another approach as we move through the content. We break into groups and interact about our learning. Sometimes it has little to nothing to do with the content.  

We’re building trust and learning together. No one has the right answer. It is abundant with lessons, diversity and challenge. We’ll begin a second book for those willing. And we’ll continue to learn together. No one way is “right.”  

In fact, every way is “right” for the learner. This is why I had to write about “Unlearning to Learn” in my book Chasing Perfection. Unlearning is often necessary before learning will occur – especially with adults. 

Sue HawkesUnlearning To Learn #382